Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Playing To Their Strengths

(via cntodd)
The Dems are at it again, that opening-their-mouths-and-letting-words-come-out thing. Big fucking mistake, I do wish someone would let them know. They seem not to read my briefings as assiduously as you do.

Speeches to the Democratic Leadership Council in ghastly harbinger state Ohio. Setting agendas for political strategy between now and 2008. Sharp criticisms of Republican leadership! Ah, but on what grounds? Stomping on individual liberties via the Patriot Act? Ignoring the mounting crisis in healthcare? Nominating an anti-choice, anti-labor Supreme Court candidate? Nah, don't be silly. Try 'not being fiscally conservative enough'.
Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia said, "Today's Washington fiscal conservative is someone who thinks that deficits can go on forever and that you can make the cost of the war go away simply by moving them off the balance sheet."
That's our Democrats, eternally striving to find the field on which they stand the least possible chance of actually winning.

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