Monday, July 25, 2005

Carnie The XVIth

Hello, bloggy friends! Big fat juicy Carnival this week, no less than lucky thirteen freshly-rendered Uncapitalist delights to beguile your attention and refresh your work-weary mind. No time to waste faddling about with snappy intros!

First up, a succinct little briefing on the splinterfication-in-progress of the AFL-CIO, complete with handy more-info links, courtesy of The Continental Op at Red Harvest.

Science and Politics attempts a reforming differentiation between 'nationalism' and 'patriotism', and a reappropriation of the latter for people with consciences. See if you think it works. (For my money, patriotism is irredeemable, as word and concept. It springs from the same poisoned soil of tribal exclusionism as nationalism does, it just tries to inject a a mild leavening agent of humane xenotolerance. No go, imho. Then again, I'm nobody's patriot, as the quiz S&P directs us to can attest: 35% Amerkin, that's me. I figure that's maybe from about mid-thigh down. My feet and I never did see eye to eye.)

Nathan Newman at House of Labor pleases me immensely by fronting with cold hard stats in the faces of the disingenuous let-them-eat-cakers who persist in pimping Horatio fucking Alger at this late date, despite mounting evidence of intransigent poverty and class immobilization in the Land of Opportunity.
...the last twenty years has seen the top 0.1% of the population increase their share of the national income from 2% of total income to over 6%...

...if you are among the poorest 5% of the population, your chances of achieving an average income are only one in six.
American Dream my lilywhite arse. Some very nice analysis about the political ramifications, and why voter turnout in the lower income groups is still a vital target of action.

Sir Richard Cranium, Lord of All Spin Zone, has nasty, nasty words for Andres Oppenheimer, foreign affairs columnist for the Miami Herald and trained monkey for the Bush Administration:
...he's about as objective on the social democratic revolution taking place in South America as Judy Miller was about her WMD feed from Ahmed Chalabi. What do you expect from a guy who, in 1993, published a book titled “Castro's Final Hour: An eyewitness account of the disintegration of Castro's Cuba”?

At Political Calculations, Ironman provides a detailed accounting of recent attacks on the Bill of Rights by the judiciary. Makes for some scary-ass reading, believe you me. And since it was posted a little while ago, pre-Roberts-nomination, when he says
Without judges willing to stand for the rights of individuals against the state in cases such as these, we will be condemned to live under the rule of a predatory plutocracy - a government of, by, and for the interests of an elite government-campaign contributor complex
we can now amend that to 'we ARE condemned'.

Here's a really interesting and important issue, brought to our attention by (a) Revere at Effect Measure: the repercussions of 'the 1993 Daubert decision which requires federal trial courts to make a preliminary determination whether evidence presented by scientists is "relevant and reliable."' Turns out, letting judges decide for themselves what constitutes credible scientific evidence? Not all that brilliant of an idea, really. Whodathunk.

And by special request (from me), Lenin's much-celebrated, trollishly-vilified kick against the Unite Against Terror pricks, showing the whole business up for the sanctimonious, war-apologist load of crypto-racist schmaltzy shite that it is. Boo and verily I say unto you, yah.

Speaking of kicking and pricking, Sarah at The Gazebo highlights the latest splash in the tsunami of evidence that Coca-Cola is really fucking eville: 'While Coke rapes the land and steals resources right out from under poverty-stricken populations, they ship their products all over the world to affluent locales.' Yup, that's about the size of it.

Here's a lovely evocative piece on the nightmare that is Haiti at present, artfully penned (typed really) by The Heretik. Lots of good resourcey links in this one too.

Personally, I'd have bet on an embarrassment of Roberts-related submissions this week, and yet oddly no. Must be one of those potluck picnic scenarios where everybody assumes everyone else is going to bring potato salad. Upshot: just the one bowl of potato salad, but a tasty one indeed. (OK, I'll stop that now.) Confined Space manages to find room to stash a post on the outlook for labor and workplace safety issues in a Roberts-inhabited Court. I think I won't be spoiling much when I reveal: it ain't rosy.

A great piece at Working Life, skewering liberals for their complicity in the myth of 'Further Education = Automatic Job Opportunities', with special sharp satisfying pokes reserved for King Liberal Complicity, Robert Reich:
Reich represents a certain segment of political thought: college-educated liberals who continue to try to walk a very thin line. They view themselves as people with a social conscience, but they believe in the free market largely because it’s rarely bitten them directly in their behinds...
True dat.

Looming up from the pages of both Freiheit und Wissen and the new, paralysis-inducingly exciting UnCapitalist Journal, cntodd wants you to be afraid, possibly even very afraid, of the potential ramifications of News Corp's acquisition of Media consolidation, folks. It's bad, it's spreading, and it appears we're not safe here in our little digital hidey-hole for too much longer. Rupert's coming.

Finally (you still with me?), in a return to the ever-popular and perennially replenished theme of giant corporations being horrid to impoverished countries, Open Veins provides a backgrounder on the lawsuit British Gas has brought against Bolivia, because the Bolivian Congress had the temerity to pass a law BG didn't like. Yup, you guessed it, the kind of law that could potentially allow the actual people of Bolivia to benefit from their own natural resources instead of pouring them directly down the insatiable maw of a foreign investor. Commie bastards. What I like about this post is that it gets its mad on, and then moves on to think about what actions can be taken globally to try and shame BG into backing down. Action is good.

And let that be a lesson to you, children. Thanks for stopping by.

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