Friday, July 29, 2005

Can't Stop Raging

I know, I'm boring you and could shut up about this, but honestly, I just can't fucking believe the utter disingenousness and aggression of the campaign to whitewash the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes. There should be rioting in the streets! Heads should be paraded on pikes!

But no, what we get is naked lies and manipulations from the authorities, abetted by shameless pandering and compliant scaremongering from the liberal media, as well as of course opportunistic immigrant-baiting from the right (and not so right), all conducted to the accompaniment of deafening ovine silence from the public, broken only by threnodies of sympathy for the poor policemen.

Recent bits and pieces of note:

In yesterday's NYT, this disgrace of a title says it all: In Britain, Migrants Took a New Path: To Terrorism. The article quotes approvingly an editorial in the Daily fucking Mail, lest we entertain any lingering doubts as to the political orientation of today's Times.

Today the now-severely-credibility-challenged Beeb proffers the reassuring intel that 'Sir Ian said his officers had, tragically, been left with no choice but to open fire on a Brazilian man wrongly suspected of being a suicide bomber.' Tragic, indeed. As Lenin's pointed out, executing an unarmed prone man in a jean jacket on the floor of the Tube is manifestly
the conservative option, but Tasering an actual suspected suicide bomber with a rucksack on? Just crazy fucking maverick behavior.

The Home Office, purely in the spirit of setting the record straight, you understand, and 'not intended to influence any investigations', announces that Menezes' visa was in fact expired, and strongly implies that he forged his immigration stamp. Those fucking sons of bitches, this blatant character-assassination-on-the-heels-of-actual-assassination makes me just fucking incandescent with fury.

Independent Police Complaints Commission Chair Nick Hardwick weighs in with the tremendously grownup injunction that 'people' should 'shut up'. And the sad thing is, they actually are.

PEOPLE! HELLO! Your government is proclaiming that in order to protect you it reserves the right to kill you and not even be sorry! Any of you! You can start compiling a list of all the reasons Jean Charles de Menezes might have got shot, and you can try to comfort yourself with the solidity of your immigration status, the unpuffiness of your jacket, the validity of your Travelcard, the fairness of your complexion.

And you know, statistically, you probably won't personally get shot. But you might, and what's more your neighbor might, your friend might, another random innocent stranger undoubtedly will. And that should be enough to make you question what this particular flavor of 'protection' is actually buying you, and at what cost to your society and your soul.

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