Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Just Nod, And Smile, And Back Very Slowly Away

Clever, clever China has made my morning by pointing out this article from the FT, in which paralytically terrifying, corpse-eyed charcarohuman Vladimir Putin explains to Tony Blair the conditions of Russia's support for the G8 agenda. 'Some day,' he began, 'and this day may never come...'

But the part that caused me to emit an undignified squawk of helpless hilarity in the middle of Starbucks was when
...British journalists asked Mr Putin how he could advocate reforms to governance in Africa, given Russia’s mixed track record on human rights and concerns.... Mr Putin replied by comparing the criticisms to those endured by Britain in relation to Northern Ireland and by accusing Africans of cannibalism. “We know that African countries used to have a tradition of eating their adversaries. We don’t have such a tradition and I believe the comparison of Africa and Russia is not quite just,” the Russian president said.
What? Are you gonna tell him?

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