Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hell, I Don't Fucking Know

A few kind souls have posted comments recently wondering where I've gone and urging Bionic Posting Activity. I thank them very sweetly for caring, but I have to confess I'm at a loss to think what would be the point.

I don't mean that all drama-queenily, and I'm certainly not fishing for a chorus of 'We wuv you, BionOc, come back!'s. I honestly don't know what possible good I could do by posting the things I have to say about this festival of barbarity and global apology. For one thing, there's sterling opposition blogging going on all over the damn place. jews sans frontieres, the Tomb, Angry Arab, From Gaza with Love, and untold others are saying and reporting everything I can imagine contributing and much more.

Thanks to the heroic and indefatigable Jennifer Loewenstein (contact me if you want to get on her amazing mailing list), I am daily supplied with an avalanche of data, opinion, reportage, rage from all over the world's media. I struggle to keep up with the death counts (latest from Lebanon = more than 200 Lebanese : 24 Israelis, maintaining the steady 10:1 Arab-Israeli exchange rate that Europe and the US appear to feel is eminently reasonable; as for Palestinians, we're apparently not getting Gazan death counts anymore--the Gaza invasion is so July 11th, and where's the dramatic flair in death by pestilence, dehydration, failed health care and heat stroke?), the sundry analyses (it's Iran/it's Syria/it's Palestinian solidarity/it's, for fuck's sake, the Mideast Death Dance), the searing offensives and limp-dicked apologies, the statements of defiance and the endless, bloviating, self-aggrandizing, schmaltz-belarded lies.

I fight wearily on my med-student listservs with people who post things like 'Does anybody understand that Hizbullah and Hamas operate and hide behind women and children making it near impossible for Israel to avoid some civilian casualties? What about taking a stand against those Arab societies that teach hate in schools and encourage families to sacrifice their children?' (Nobody, but nobody, retails bankrupt fact-unimpeded racist caricatures as argument like thick American Zionist children. Honestly, a halfway-intelligent Likudnik would cringe with mortification to read this shite.)

So I spend my days reading, in a marinade of impotent rage and perma-beggared belief. How would it help anyone if I upchucked my bolus of bile into the blogosea? How would it not be an insult to the overpowering immediacy of Lebanese and Palestinian suffering if I used a blog to exorcise my personal little grief and rage from my cozy summer ass-plant in London? (I am aware that this could be construed as precisely what I'm doing in the present post, but it isn't. It's an explanation.)

By this, please understand, I intend no slight whatsoever to all those who are blogging this nightmare. So many people are providing vital information, analysis and energy that we're so desperately lacking from the official media. I'm especially awed by and grateful to those who find ways to blog from the ground, to make sure we see what this savagery actually looks like.

All I have to contribute is fury and grief, and that does fuck-all for anyone. So except for those circumstances in which I imagine I can actually do some concrete good by posting, I'm going to sit this out.

One thing before I go, though. I got the following article via email last night from Jennifer Loewenstein:
Last update - 01:14 18/07/2006
Senator Clinton: All Americans are standing behind Israel

By Shlomo Shamir, Haaretz Correspondent and The Associated Press

Speaking at a large demonstration in support of Israel in Manhattan on Monday, United States Senator Hillary Clinton expressed unreserved support for Israel and commended President George Bush for his stance in the present crisis.

Clinton said on Monday that all Americans, whether Democrats or Republicans, stood behind Israel at this time.

The demonstration, which drew an estimated 5,000 people, was described as one of the largest Jewish events in recent years.

Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel also spoke at the gathering, which ended in a call to free the captured soldiers.

[Italics mine.] Parenthetically, this article has now disappeared from the Ha'aretz site, which may be the result of skulduggery on the part of She's handlers, or equally the general crapness of haaretz.com. Not the point.

Point is, FUCK YOU HILLARY CLINTON YOU PUTRESCENT DRAGGLE OF STINKING HUMAN WASTE. Don't you fucking DARE to speak for me and what I stand behind, now or ever. I hereby pledge to devote myself tirelessly to the struggle for your unelection and precipitous, humiliating descent into infinitely-deserved disgrace and obscurity, you foul, pandering, principle-shunning megalopportunist bucket of treachery. I spit on you.

That is all, for now.

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