Sunday, January 29, 2006

Collective Punishment, With A Twist of Rank Hypocrisy

So now the US has come out, in the ever-winning person of AnaCondi the Snaky Charmer, and definitively said they won't provide aid to a Hamas government.
'The United States is not prepared to fund an organization that advocates the destruction of Israel, that advocates violence and that refuses its obligations.'
Ah. Unless of course that organization were, oh, Fatah, which let us not forget remains the largest constituent of that favored old whipping-boy, the PLO. The same party which spawned Black September, the group that carried out the 1973 Munich Olympic assassinations from which Stephen Spielberg is so handsomely profiting as we speak. The same party widely denounced as undealable-with terrorists until '93, and then treated pretty consistently as pariahs until Arafat's death and the installation of the pliable demi-quisling Abu Mazen. And for clarity, that would be the same Abu Mazen who wrote his doctoral thesis on Nazi-Zionist collaboration (which NB is verifiably true) and put the number of Jews killed in the Nazi holocaust at 'only a few hundred thousand' (which emphatically is not), and who was in fact fingered as responsible for funding those same Munich assassinations.

Now, that kind of organization that advocates the destruction of Israel and that advocates violence is worth funding. Funding, say, to the tune of two million USAID dollars spent expressly 'to ensure that the Palestinian Authority receives public credit for a collection of small, popular projects and events to be unveiled before Palestinians select their first parliament in a decade.'

[As an aside, this amuses me greatly: 'The plan was designed with the help of a former U.S. Army Special Forces officer who worked in postwar Afghanistan on democracy-building projects.' Ooh, is that what we're calling them these days? So tough to keep up.]
In recent days, Arabic-language papers have been filled with U.S.-funded advertisements announcing the events in the name of the Palestinian Authority, which the public closely identifies with Fatah. Some of the events, such as a U.S.-financed tree-planting ceremony here in Ramallah that Abbas attended last week, have resembled Fatah rallies, with participants wearing the trademark black-and-white kaffiyehs emblazoned with the party logo, walls plastered with Fatah candidates' posters, and banks of TV cameras invited to record the event.
Nice. US-financed 'black-and-white kaffiyehs emblazoned with the party logo' which I've reproduced for your handy reference above. The one with the tasteful machine-gun-and-grenade iconography. About which presumably our esteemed Kofi was temporarily forgetting when he pontificated--about Hamas, naturally--that 'to carry weapons and participate in a democratic process and sit in parliament, there is a fundamental contradiction'.

Of course, I could go on for days and weeks peeling back the umpteen-thousand layers of hypocrisy that swaddle the West's reaction to the election of Hamas. I will spare you that, and content myself with pointing out the obvious: that US leaders have taken a well-worn page from the Israeli playbook, and are fixing to visit one holy motherfuck of a collective punishment on the Palestinian people, for daring to exercise the right to Freeman Moxie in a manner not approved for the service of American interests. May they (again, still, yet more always) rot in hell.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Newsflash! UberJohn Kristof Still a Cock!

Whee! The brilliant and furiously eloquent Alexander Cockburn has just dealt out a well-deserved spanking to White Christ of Cambodia, aka Nicholas Kristof, Shady Purchaser of Prostitutes.

Seems Nick the Chick-Picker has branched out, geographically if not thematically, and is taking his annual brothel-crawl in India (registration required) this year. We all need a change once in a while, or things just get stale.

OK, I'll be honest. I haven't read this round of columns. I couldn't stomach it; man makes me sick. I couldn't choke down another bolus of that ultrasmarmy, self-adulatory, liberal-patronizing, wildly ahistoricizing indignation that is 'Hard-Bargain' Kristof's specialité de la maison. But luckily, turns out I don't have to. Cockburn's done it for me, and provided a far better-researched and more thoroughly indicting riposte than I could have managed.

In the tradition of my original post on WCOC, and indeed that of every reasonably intelligent, reasonably leftish response to his prostitutopsonatory oeuvre, Cockburn pours scorn on His Acquisitiveness of Poipet for crusading against prostitution without emitting the tiniest squeak about the socioeconomic conditions that make prostitution an inevitability. Happily, Cockburn goes on to correct that minor oversight for him, providing a substantial and compelling exposé of the depradations wrought on India's rural population by neo-liberal reform, as well as (not quoted here, but well worth reading in the piece) a look at some pretty great people who actually are finding ways to help prostitutes that don't involve personally retrafficking them.
India has endured more than a decade of virtually unimaginable rural torment amidst the imposition of the neo-liberal "reforms", endlessly hailed by New York Times reporters and editorially endorsed. With withdrawal of subsidies, collapse of farm credit and of markets there is a gigantic rural crisis, affecting millions of families.

As The Hindu newspaper's chronicler of these rural catastrophes, P. Sainath, (with whom I traveled around India last year) wrote to me this week, "Take Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh which saw the maximum numbers of farm suicides for any district in India (over 3,000 during the years of the NYT's poster boy of the reforms, Chandrababu Naidu [at that time the state's chief minister], every single NGO and social organization dealing with women's issues worried about how bad was the rise of prostitution as the agrarian crisis bit deeper and deeper.

"If you drove from Anantapur in Andhra to India's 'Silicon Valley' in Bangalore in the neighboring state of Karnataka, as I often did and do, you could see dozens of women hanging about the highway waiting for pick ups, mostly truck drivers. This was simply not seen on those roads ten-twelve years ago."
Take fucking that, Kristof you sanctimonious cock. You just keep riding around on your fat crusader ass, rubbing up against the most damaged women you can find and grinding their misery into columnfodder for that foul neo-liberal-boosting rag you pimp for. People are so on to you.

[Thanks CM for the pointer.]

Friday, January 27, 2006

Kofi Tells It Like It Is

Kofi fucking Annan. My god. Do you think when he gets up in the morning and takes a shower, his back-scrubber gets tangled in the pull-cord protruding from his back?

--Pull-- 'Waaaaaaaaaah!'

--Pull-- 'Denying the Holocaust is baaaaaaaaahd!' [Especially if you happen to be the leader of a country threatening to develop nuclear technology outside the cozy precincts of the Nuclear Country Club.]

--Pull-- 'Governments carrying weapons is baaaaaaaaahd!' [Unless they're carrying them to Haiti. Or Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Or indeed New Orleans.]

A Nobel cunting Prize to this contemptible apology-puppet for imperium. Never mind the shower, how does he get up in the morning to begin with?

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Zombie Bulldozer (New From Caterpillar)

Look, I'm not really here, I can't stick around and chat, I just popped in for literally one second to say: how dead is Sharon? I mean, c'mon. Man so dead! Man deader than a big bucket of mortality, whatever the arcane mediconecromancies they're feverishly deploying to keep his cells pumping until someone sorts out the succession.

What's funny is the gigantic collective peptic ulcer undoubtedly being nurtured as we speak by the scheduling secretaries for all the major western-world leaders. Poor anxious lambs, skittishly making priority appointments and planning big brass meetings day on day, all the while knowing full well that the instant the Royal Narcomages withdraw their animating hoodoo from the husk that was Arik, all commitments will have to be abrogated and sundry respective Air Forces One prepped for immediate takeoff so the international community can skedaddle out there to pay their po-faced respects within 24 hours. Jewish funerals, so inconvenient.

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