Friday, January 27, 2006

Kofi Tells It Like It Is

Kofi fucking Annan. My god. Do you think when he gets up in the morning and takes a shower, his back-scrubber gets tangled in the pull-cord protruding from his back?

--Pull-- 'Waaaaaaaaaah!'

--Pull-- 'Denying the Holocaust is baaaaaaaaahd!' [Especially if you happen to be the leader of a country threatening to develop nuclear technology outside the cozy precincts of the Nuclear Country Club.]

--Pull-- 'Governments carrying weapons is baaaaaaaaahd!' [Unless they're carrying them to Haiti. Or Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Or indeed New Orleans.]

A Nobel cunting Prize to this contemptible apology-puppet for imperium. Never mind the shower, how does he get up in the morning to begin with?

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