Saturday, December 03, 2005

Casting Perfidy Strikes Home

Can somebody please tell me whose genius idea it was to stick Mr. Fucking Big in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, not even to speak of Annabella Sciorra? And not just to wedge them in, but to give them their own whole episodes, completely Vincent-free? They have their own set of Vincentless credits, people! That's not right.

Does Big have Magic Powers of Perpathy? Does he have special histrionic hand gestures and opaque fits of emotional vapors? No he does not. Does he have a tiny, creepingly endearing partner who follows him around like a small phlegmatic dog, gamely interpreting his delphic pronouncements? Again, I must report No. He's got nothing, nothing but La Sciorra kitted out improbably polyglot, presumably so somebody in the partnership would have an actual skill. He's just a big dippy garden-variety cop who doesn't belong on the same soundstage as the Vincent, let alone muscling in on his credits.

Why would you do that? Why?

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