Sunday, November 13, 2005

AnaCondi 2: Scowl Meaner

Whee! La Rice is back in the Middle East, with her Magic Lucite Wand of Democracy and her Travelin' playlist of Joni Mitchell and Metallica. You can't really see it, but under that homicidal mien she's bopping like Cyndi Lauper.

And why not, really? She's come to ask Syria to stop the 'arbitrary detention' of 'prisoners of conscience', and there's nothing like that kind of righteous mission for Freeman Moxie to warm the cockles of a handmaiden of despotism.

It's funny though, I can't shake the feeling that I've just heard somebody else talking about this same damn thing. Must be one of those random déja vu hiccups.

Serpentina also mentioned that 'Washington continued to support what she described as the aspirations of Syria's people for liberty, democracy and justice.' And the Syrian people are all, 'Er, um, yeah, about that. Jesus fuck please please god no. We're fine here with our tyranny and undemocracy and all. Really. Really. Fine. Here, take this sacrifice of virgin unblemished white sheep and swallow them whole. Take our oil. Take Lebanon. Just please, dear christ please don't liberate us, Madam Snakelady. Please.'

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