Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Saddam Hussein Stole My Homework To Make WMD

When, oh when will they fucking let this lie go?

British Defence (see how I spell it the British way for verisimilitude? these are the little complimentary services we at Bionic Octopus like to provide for your enhanced comfort) Secretary John Reid on why Britain needs to bone up the old nuclear deterrent system:
"It is the case that others been trying to develop and in some cases have developed their nuclear weapons". He cited North Korea, Pakistan and India, adding evidence existed Saddam had been heading in same direction.
Forty years from now, Labour are all going to be doddering around nursing homes bleating, 'But Matron, I had to steal Jenkins's biscuits at tea! There was evidence Saddam Hussein was planning to use them to make weapons of mass destruction!'

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