Thursday, September 15, 2005

Prez Promises Rez

Holy shit. I'm watching the Chimp address the nation from the only dry spot in New Orleans, as no doubt are many of you. He's making promises for how he gon' fix everything he and his filthy hellbound venal minions fucked up so unspeakably.

He's just announced three specific initiatives for rebuilding the area. Besides promising to 'take the side of entreprenooers' (a telling formulation, that) to rebuild industry and create jobs, he's promising the victims relief accounts containing up to five thousand whole dollars to get education or skills retraining to take advantage of all that new entreprenooerial job-creation. Oh, and that five large is meant to cover child care too, while they're gittin' ejucated. Words can't really express the overwhelming enoughness of that sum.

No, but that's not the worst. Proposal #3: the creation of a Gulf Coast Homesteading Act (or something like that) which will use a lottery to give poor people plots of land in government-owned territories, provided they commit to building homes on that land and living there.

Yes, that's right. They are going to create a reservation to contain the poor of former New Orleans. I have no fucking words.

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