Thursday, September 15, 2005

Once More, With Almost Imperceptibly More Feeling

Oh look. Hurricane coming. And this time we've learned our lesson. This time, instead of equivocally, belatedly implying that local residents should perhaps evacuate (or more accurately, should retroactively already-have-evacuated) on their own recognizance, they're unequivocally, belatedly 'asking and begging' same:
'These floods are going to be worse than anticipated yesterday," the governor said. "We're asking and begging [people to get out] because it's going to be hard to get them out later. Once the high winds come, we cannot get in and get you out - cannot get you by boat, cannot get you by helicopters, cannot get there by plane.'
Pressed by the urgency of the emergent crisis, Governor Mike 'The Big' Easley obviously had no time to add, 'We cannot get you in a box, we cannot get you with a fox.'

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