Friday, September 16, 2005

Oh The Gall

Email from MoveOn (2nd today; the first being the traditional 'Give us money to run an ad, and if we don't actually use it to run the ad rest assured we'll use it for our own undisclosed discretionary purposes' dun-note):
Next weekend on Saturday, September 24, there is a massive "End the War on Iraq" peace march and rally in Washington, DC organized by United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ). The weekend of activities will make it unmistakably clear to President Bush and Congress that the American people want an exit plan with a timeline to end the war in Iraq.
Fuck you. That is not what my presence at the rally will make clear at all, and don't you presume to ventriloquize my agenda. Which, like that of involuntary MoveOn poster-child Cindy Sheehan, is 'End the war now. Troops out now.' An entirely different thing.

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