Saturday, September 03, 2005

Just A Thought

I'm just saying. You'll have noticed that Chimpy's first reaction to the obliteration of 90,000 square miles of Gulf Coast was to bang on about oil. As were most of his subsequent reactions, at least until he finally ambled down there to put in a couple desultory photo ops hugging people in the rubble of their homes. Up till then, it's been oil oil oil: running out of it, not price-gouging it, conserving it, and most prominently, releasing it from the emergency petroleum reserves.

Now, those reserves are going to have to be refilled at some point, from somewhere. And I think we know someone who's been getting all up in the Administration's face lately, flaunting all that extra oil he's got and making lairy remarks about 'cowboys'.

I'm just saying, from this blogger's armchair the putative 'oil shortage' (and for this remember we've pretty much only got his and the oil industry's say-so, corroborated predictably by piracy at the pump) visited by Katrina starts to look like a mighty opportune pretext for a little Venezuelan Regime Change action down the road.

You heard it here first.

And slightly off-topic, may I just add: Halliburton. Do you think if they came around our house and personally pissed in each of our faces it could possibly better express their contempt?

UPDATE 9/4: Well now, it seems a Certain Someone has also had this same thought. Hmmm. (via CM)

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