Sunday, September 25, 2005

It's Not Like I Relish Being Right All The Time

OK hello people. I've been awake for more than two hours already and nobody has called, written, sent a giant apologetic bouquet or come rushing over to say in viva voce 'Oh my god you were so right, the Gaza 'withdrawal' was precisely the prevarication, dog-and-pony show and pretext for reinvasion you said it would be! Someone shrive me for my sins of credulity in having had even the tiniest molecular quantum of hope in that cynical charade!'
The officials said the army planned to create a buffer zone in northern Gaza by ordering residents to leave their homes, and said a closure barring Palestinian laborers from entering Israel would remain in effect.
See? See how different? Everything in Gaza is changed. Small children got to paddle in the sea!

And from CNN we get bland exposition of the explicit intent to collective punishment:
Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz told security chiefs in a meeting that "the ground of Gaza should shake" and that he wanted to exact a high price from Palestinians everywhere, not just the militants, participants said.
I grow tedious, I know, but again I say this is how they do it. As WII has also observed. There is a well-thumbed play-book for this somewhere in the archives of Likud, and it reads something like this:

1) Wait for a lull and the impression of imminent progress toward peace
2) Carry out sudden targeted assassination
3) Provoke thereby pitifully impotent display of rage from Hamas/Islamic Jihad/Al-Aqsa/PFLP/Insert Chump Militant Group Here
4) Launch Armageddon on civilian refugees, women and children targeted at random
5) Contact everyone in worldwide media and package Armageddon as 'Reprisal'
6) Rinse
7) Repeat.

And again, again again again, the world will stand by and watch them do it. The PA will watch them do it. I can't stand it.

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