Monday, September 05, 2005

I Wanna Be Just Like You

Is there any action Tony Blair undertakes that isn't a slavish, pitifully rinky-dink imitation of some Chimpian act of malevolence?

He's even incredibly crap in precisely the same way, only smaller and lamer. In response to 'criticism from some of those [British Katrina survivors] returning to the UK that the response had been slow and information scarce,' Blair rallied with a magisterial 'I'm really sorry if there has been difficulties...but I can assure you some of these staff have been working round the clock.'

He's not just sorry, he's really sorry. If he could have failed you in a more spectacular way befitting the long-fled glories of empire past, he undoubtedly would. Post-lapsarian realities being what they are, 'some' of his staff working overtime was as imperial as he could muster.

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