Monday, September 12, 2005

I Love When They Make It Easy

Ah, priorities. The newly up-spruced, fancified Guardian Digital, normally a subscription service for which I pay, is now generously open to all comers until sometime later in the month, to celebrate its facelift. The main page today provides the following caveat:
We have had to make some changes to how the digital editions operate, so regular users will notice some loss of functionality for a limited period. We are working hard to restore the full service as soon as possible.
'Loss of functionality' appears to mean that many of the articles which are visible in the little thumbnail of the print paper are not actually clickable for the reading. In a few places an entire page's worth of articles is inaccessible, though you can see them taunting you maddeningly with their headlines.

Know what's working like a charm on all those pages, though? Every damn click-through ad.

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