Wednesday, September 14, 2005

From 'Rescue' to 'Looting' In One Short Day

BBC yesterday on what Palestinians have been up to amidst the rubble of the settlements the Israelis took such care to smash and strip before leaving:
Many Palestinians have been picking through the rubble of settler homes. They rescued and carried whatever they could - from electricity cables and doors to pipes and scrap metal.
BBC today on that same activity:
[Abu Mazen's] comments come amid mass looting in Gaza's abandoned Jewish settlements, and are seen as a warning to militants seeking to challenge his authority.

But Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said he was not surprised by the lawlessness in Gaza.
"This rioting - even they understand they have to control this."
Wow. That's some pretty fucking swift Katrinafication. Can you say 'seeding the pretext for IDF reinvasion?' And can somebody please tell me under what definition the salvage of near-useless scrap from a smashed, abandoned property counts as 'looting'? As opposed to, well, 'salvage'?

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