Sunday, September 11, 2005

Docket Of Aesthetic Crimes Against Humanity

The latest installment in the cavalcade of Israeli valedictory fuck-yous to Palestinians in Gaza: they've decided to just up and leave the settlement synagogues standing when they take off. All 20+ of them.

Now, besides the monstrous symbolic bird-flippage this represents; besides the fact that the PA is now in the impossible position of either tearing down synagogues, and drawing massive fire from world Jewry, or letting stand the looming citadels of the religion in whose name the Palestinians have been treated like animals for forty years in their own land; besides the fact that if they choose Option A the costs of demolition and cleanup will be borne by the not-exactly-wildly-solvent (no thanks to a federal court in Rhode Island) Palestinian government; besides all these injuries, there is in addition the gross and gratuitous aesthetic insult.

Twentieth-century synagogue architecture is widely acknowledged to be the most heinous artistic perpetration ever devised by the fevered mind of man. I mean, look at that shit. It's like someone leaving a gigantic statue of Liberace carved out of guano planted in your front lawn, with a bomb in the middle that will go off and cover you and your house with a rain of petrified-shit shards if you try to move it. In fact, almost exactly like that.

Update: According to an email update from the Beeb, the PA's going with Option B, raze the motherfucking eyesores. Booyah.
Update update: Er, make that 'Option A'. I guess I was overexcited.

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