Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Most precious blogfriends, I want to let you know that for a little while the blogging around these parts will be quite light. Medical school has started up with unrestrained ferocity, much on-the-ground political work needs doing in the Land Of Threatened Choice, and I find there are significantly fewer minutes in the day than I previously assumed.

Also, to be honest, the past week, all the stuff about Katrina here and at the Tomb, has really kind of taken it out of me. Not to whinge or anything (jesus, like I have anything to whinge about), but it's been, you know, a Thing, and it's a bit hard to get straight back to snarking about newsbits while the police are manhandling survivors out of NO. I need a bit of a break first, and some time to organize the furniture of my off-blog actual life.

I'll be back in it soon; frankly I don't know how I could stop myself doing it for long. In the meantime I thank you for coming around, and for your many lovely comments and occasional lovely emails (and fuck it, for your occasional insane and incomprehensible emails too), and I hope you won't stray too far. Backson.

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