Thursday, August 04, 2005


Did that first post sound bitchy? Don't get me wrong -- delightful creature, one of life's treasures. But, it must surely be conceded, a little loud after a while, no? My only ambition during this brief babysitting exercise is to be a smaller voice, albeit not entirely still or calm. Earthquake, Wind and Fire will be back soon enough. You'd never guess, but in person she is a pussycat.

The name, the more observant among you will have realised (and to the others: forgive me, but we won't be stopping too often for you to catch up), is an obvious pseudonym. I'm afraid I'm one of those people who don't really trust all these endless promises of online privacy, although I have, as it happens, recently begun to shop from Amazon: did you know they accept cheques? A bit of a kerfuffle, but you try parking in Onslow Square these days.

Still: for here, for now, and however much it may sound like a bad drag queen (which I am not; they may be a tad deflated, but they are all mine) my name is Tempestua. Welcome to my chill-out zone.

I'd say you're stuck with me for the week, but of course you're not. Pace Echelon, the internet is yours to escape to, with all its brutish glamour. Be off, then, if you must, to your spectacle piercings, your nanofactory visualisations, your gay Harry Potter castrato porn. With which, after all, I can hardly compete.

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