Sunday, August 07, 2005


Thanks to the many of you who have, in the wake of the sudden silence that followed my initial flurry of posts, emailed to check on my health. Evidently my advanced age is of concern not only to me. Rest assured I am fit as the proverbial, nor indeed would I be averse to a fiddle, but I've had no more time for that (NW aside, on which more later) than I have to fulfil my babysitting obligations here. Indeed, my admiration for Ocky, whose output here is so regular it could be a testament to a fibre diet, grows ever stronger. I've also had the great pleasure of encountering, in the comments box here and on their own blogs, many of her friends, all of whom seem to share her youth and vigour, not to mention her optimistic desire, which goes alongside that, to feed what I recently had to inform George he is no longer allowed to call 'all the hungry little piccaninnies of the world'. Still, the poor man's heart is in the right place, unlike, it must be said, his shoulders.

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