Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rattle Rattle

Gee I'm gabby today. Possibly because I'm stuck in my house waiting for my new sofa to be delivered. On any (in fact on most every) given normal day, I may very well elect not to leave my house ever, but give me a 3- (or 4- or 12-) hour delivery window and I'm all over cabin fever and yearning for the wide-open spaces.

Anyway, this is amusing me:
The United States has criticised an independent investigation which found no evidence that Iran was working on a secret nuclear weapons programme.

The report said traces of bomb-grade uranium in Iran's nuclear facilities came from contaminated Pakistani equipment, not Iranian activities.

But the US said there were other ways Iran could be building nuclear weapons.
Presumably this last refers to the widely-rumored Iranian program for spinning nuclear weapons from straw, codename Rumsfeldstiltskin.

Also this:
Iran insists its nuclear programme is peaceful and that US pressure over its nuclear programme is part of a wider effort to change the regime in Tehran.

However, a State Department spokesman said the report did nothing to reduce their concern at Iran's nuclear programme.

He listed a series of what he called "unresolved concerns", which included Iran's alleged dealings with clandestine nuclear procurement networks and the Bush administration's strong belief that the country was developing and pursuing a nuclear weapon.
[italics mine]

Now, say I have a 'strong belief' that you have a cat in your pocket. If independent investigation of your pocket reveals no empirical evidence of feline presence, surely any lingering 'concerns' relating to my undiminished belief in the putative pocket-dwelling cat should reasonably be concerns about me, not you. Am I wrong here?

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