Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Oh, You Shouldn't Have!

I really do think sometimes the universe goes about its vast quotidian business with the main object of arranging things so as to entertain me. Is that solipsistic?

Today's evidence: the spokesman for a group called the Jewish Community Security Trust, responding to the inclusion of renowned progressive Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan in the British government's new 'working group on tackling extremism':
"It's a strange choice given his past statements which some have viewed as being anti-Jewish. Some of our community view him as extreme.

"He speaks with two voices, one for his European audience which appears moderate, and one for his Arab hinterland where he voices many of the demands of Islamists.

"He is at the soft end of the Islamist extreme spectrum."
The name of this insinuatory savant? If it please the court (as it boundlessly does me), one Mike Whine.

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