Friday, August 26, 2005

Oh Come On Now

The Guardian offers this well-wouldja-lookit-that-style bit of credulous fluff, about a new meta-analysis of gender IQ disparities, conducted by, if you can credit it, one bigot who 'has long maintained that men are more intelligent than women, believes that white people are cleverer than black people and has called for the procreation of the "underclass" to be kept in check', in wacky collaboration with one man who 'would like to describe [him]self as a feminist'.

The study, about which the elective feminist expresses himself duly anguished--'To be honest I'm not sure I have done the right thing, but in the end I thought it would be dishonest to suppress it'--finds that on average men have IQs five points higher than women's. The article, meanwhile, is so titillated by the odd-couple pairing of the two scientists, and the naughty politically incorrect implications of their conclusions, that it entirely bypasses (aside from a glancing quote from a dissenter, which is not the same as the journalist engaging with the issue) the very notion that there might be any controversy over IQ testing, what it measures, whether it measures with gender or cultural bias, and whether what it measures has any useful significance or actually serves to reinforce the existing societal biases it reflects.

This I call sloppy, not to say irresponsible.

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