Sunday, August 21, 2005

Just Beyond Disgraceful

What. THE FUCK. is this:

Truly the Beeb have gone out of their zionism-enfeebled little minds. This is the lead photo on the BBC News home page, linking to an article entitled with DeMillean eschatological grandiosity 'Final prayers at Gaza settlements', and describing, in full maudlin Technicolor, how the last handful of fascist colonists are being removed from the settlements, weeks ahead of schedule and with minimal difficulty, in the last act of the Tragedy of Israel's Heartbreaking Sacrifice.

8500 illegal settlers have been politely and swiftly removed from their illegal homes, given fat wads of cash and rehoused at the state's (read the States') expense.

Or, as the Beeb would have it, ISRAEL IS IN FLAMES!

It's utterly, utterly disgraceful. Read this excellent piece by Jennifer Loewenstein in Counterpunch about the deliberate fabrication of this shameful spectacle. What she said.

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