Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Disengage This

Like the rest of the world, I've spent the past few days marinating in schmaltz occasioned by the Gaza Disengagement till I feel it exuding a slimy film from my every pore. The media are beside themselves with an orgiastic spectationfreude that queasily combines kneejerk zionist empathy (those poor brave Jews, driven from their hard-won homes! why, they Made The Desert Bloomâ„¢!) with orientalizing fascination for the manifest religiwackos wailing and davening in dusty squares with their freaky-ass black boxes strapped to their heads.

C-Span, that unchallenged champion of punitively soporific legislative programming, tore itself away from the proceedings of the House Sub-Committee on Navel Exploration Appropriations the other evening to lend its platform to the Israel Broadcasting Authority, as fronted by this curious gentleman, speaking flawless Middle Atlantic Broadcast English and looking for all the world like Peter Jennings in a kipah:
For an approximate eternity we were treated to a lacrymose cavalcade of caterwauling settlers bemoaning their savage abandonment by the world (much like the woman interviewed on Five News the other night, who asserted with truly unexampled chutzpah 'I know... [sob]... if an Arab were to go through what we are going through... [sob]... everyone - the US, Europe, *everyone*... would say "No Way". But... [sob]... with *us*? It is as if we are not human.' via CM), interspersed with interviews with Israeli citizens like this fine specimen,

whose asseverations that the Disengagement is a violation of 'moral law, Israeli law and international law' had the double virtue of not only being factually incorrect, but also manifesting a startling and unprecedented interest in the concept and existence of international law at all (one could have been forgiven for surmising that Israel had been out sick that day, and nobody would loan it their lecture notes. But no, turns out they knew about IL, they just didn't think it was all that relevant before), and appearances by po-faced government officials and former Air Force generals trying to appear to give a shit about the settlers while walking the strange line of simultaneously supporting the policy and deeming it a grave national hardship.

And I watched all this, watched all these people unblinkingly asserting the horror and misery of 8,500 fascist, racist, murderous scum--who are uprooting their own olive trees (not content with having destroyed so many thousands of the Palestinians' during their occupation) so the Palestinians won't have them, who tell the news cameras they would be glad to leave behind their chattels undestroyed if only humans would be getting it, but Palestinians aren't humans (via WII), who have terrorized and butchered and starved and shat on a million and a half Palestinians for decades--the unspeakable tragedy of these filth being graciously moved into accommodations elsewhere and generously compensated for their inconvenience in giving back the land they cleansed the Palestinians from. And I thought, Israel is a metastasis.

Israel is the malignant, life-destroying outgrowth of traumatic events that, for vast numbers of Jews living today and since the nazi holocaust, instilled a sense of essentialized, inherent victimization so profound and so durable that it has come to reflexively justify any and all means of 'survival'. It's a tumor, born of grave injury to the body of world Jewry and allowed to proliferate unchecked in all directions, engulfing and annihilating not only innocent others like the Palestinians who happened to inhabit Palestine in 1948, but also anything good and human and humane that might have survived in Judaism's
conception of itself in relation to the world.

Jews could have come out of the holocaust with a fierce, fire-hardened resolve never to allow such atrocities to occur again, anywhere, to anyone. No doubt some, even many, did. But Zionism came out of the holocaust bent on the creation, fortification and relentless expansion of a racially exclusive Jewish state, and if atrocities had to occur, if innocents had to die (be they Palestinian or Jewish) to achieve that always-already corrupt project, so be it. From the word go.

I think of Israel and I am sick with rage and horror and vicarious shame. Not. In. My. Fucking. Name.

BTW, it's a bit old now, but if you missed it then it's instructive to read last October's Ha'aretz interview with Dov Weisglass, (via Rafahpundits), for a reminder of what the Gaza Disengagement is really for, and how very little hope there is in this supposed 'step forward'.

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