Thursday, August 04, 2005

Are Your Proofs Of Identity Shabby?

The British Home Office minister in charge of the ID cards boondoggle has come out and snuffled that the government hasn't exactly put its best foot forward in selling the concept to the public (though contrary to the headline's implication, he insists the plan will still go forward):
Perhaps we ran away with it in our enthusiasm. I apologise for our overselling the case for ID cards ...

We have been arguing what the state can get out of it rather than what it can do for the individual in providing a gold standard in proving your identity. There are now so many almost daily occasions when we have to stand up and verify our identity.
And really, on how many of those occasions do we find that we just can't verify it to our exacting standards? The answer is clearly the National Identity Gold™ Card: Non-Membership Has Its Penalties.

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