Saturday, August 27, 2005

And Again I Am Compelled To Say

How is this news? Second-from-top story in my BBC News email today:
The family of murdered schoolboy Rory Blackhall have laid flowers near the spot where his body was found.
Now please don't get me wrong. Their son has been horribly killed, and now they've put flowers at the scene. Terribly, terribly sad. Worthy of tremendous sympathy. But news? Really not so much.

Either it's a shockingly slow news day, or it's an excuse to run yet another article about the murder. And what I don't like about that is, every time they have, they've included some version of the following:
Officers said they wanted to speak to two men described as "vagrant types" who were seen walking 100 yards south of the underpass on Nellburn Pass on Thursday.

On Wednesday, a father walking his children to school saw a man dressed in black who came out of the woods near Westwood Park, near where Rory's body was found.

And on Saturday last week a dog walker noticed smoke coming from woods near Dechmont Law at 6.30am and saw a teenage boy and another male sitting around a large campfire.
Now, I may be paranoid, but my XenophobiaDar pings at that. That's just a little bit too when-in-doubt-blame-the-Travelers for my entire comfort. Especially when we're getting stories headlining quotes about 'evil prowling around' the community. And now it appears that both the campfire males and the 'vagrant types' have all been (quite quickly) traced, so there doesn't seem to have been too much urgent call to publicize them as suspects. Unless it was the need to scratch that blame-the-outsiders itch, and for once they couldn't find any Muslims, or for that matter Brazilians with 'Mongolian eyes', in the immediate vicinity.

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