Wednesday, July 06, 2005

UnCapitalist Goings-On

I think I may have neglected to mention recently that I'm joining Charles and Gretchen as one of the editors of Carnival of the UnCapitalists (of which there is no new one this week in observance of our fine Holiday of National Independence. Or Lazy-Ass Long Weekend, as some of us prefer to observe it). So yay for that. I'm delighted to have been invited to join Carnival, and all kinds of looking forward to reading your plentiful contributions and shepherding them hostward.

In other, even more exciting UnCapitalist news, we're about to spawn Son of Carnival, viz the huge, all-new, feature-packed daily left-o-mat we like to call the UnCapitalist Journal. I'll defer to Charles's detailed description of the attractions on offer, and just say that I'm tremendously excited to be part of the project as a member of the Crack Blog Team. I think there's a real need for this kind of watering hole for the (especially American, poor orphans that we are) left, and I hope you'll come check it out and participate when it launches in a few weeks. Don't worry, I'll hound you when the time comes.

Meanwhile, the weekly Carnival will continue its dark revelries unabated;
there'll be a new one next week (with a Mystery Host; watch this space!). So by all means submit your entries to uncapitalist (at) gmail (dot) com, and check out the current (only slightly aging) Carnival at Impasto.

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