Friday, July 22, 2005

See? He's Just A Little Judge. Nothing To Be Alarmed About

Is it just me, or is there something inescapably odd about this photo? They appear to have cast the actor who played Big Gandalf in the role of Sen. Patrick Leahy, gesturing towards a diminutive Judge Roberts who is actually located 35 feet away down an artfully concealed corridor.

Actually it looks to me like Roberts has been photoshopped in from another picture entirely; look at his head against the wall behind. Man has blatantly been montaged into a photo two or three sizes too big, to foster the illusion of Democratic solidarity with the nominee while reminding us that Democrats are still Very Large and Important.

In the respective original photos, Leahy was undoubtedly gesturing to his giant dog to get off the couch, while Roberts was clearly chortling gamely at one of Laura Bush's comedic periprandial gems. They can't fool us with these amateur theatrics.

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