Wednesday, July 06, 2005

No, I Won't Have A Glass of That Kicky Little Merlot With My Activism

I know, I should shut up about it, but they won't stop sending me emails about these infernal MoveOn House Parties. They're taunting me with their aggressive uselessness, poking me with it like a, like a, a Uselessness Stick.
At each party, we'll spend some time talking about the state of play on the Supreme Court vacancy and developing a local plan to fight back immediately if Bush threatens our rights with a hard-right nominee.
A local plan to fight back immediately? What, 'You smash the pinot grigio over his head while I pelt
the Secret Service with Cheetos'? The fuck do they think they're going to plan, besides of course the next soirée?
We'll also want you to meet other MoveOn members, so each party will show a great rights- or court-related movie---doing something fun together is a good way of strengthening the network of local relationships that a major Supreme Court campaign will depend on.
What utter, utter shite. I'm sorry, you can go ahead and call me nasty and killjoy and even ultraleft if you're feeling especially vicious, but this is not about fun. This is not about fucking accursed fuckridden yuppie networking. If you're serious about organizing to fight a conservative nomination to the Supreme Court, fucking organize to do that. Have meetings, with agendas. Come up with a list of concrete constituent demands, set up a meeting with your Congresspeople and present them. Not a worthless whingeing petition to 'protect our rights', a demand for action on specific nominees and specific issues. And heaven preserve us, not a fucking amateur film critics' circle.

I just can't fucking stand to watch them set up these playpens of safely sterilized 'activity', and people just herd into them to exchange moans about how awful it is, then go away raving about how they've met some Really Great, Likeminded People and aren't they all just a grassroots network now. No, they're fucking not. They're a social circle. Whatever MoveOn tries to sell, there's only one social circle that influences the Administration's actions, and it inhabits a tax bracket MoveOnites only dream about.

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