Sunday, July 03, 2005

Mega Koncert, Mega Kakon

Oi, you! Fuckwit! Yes, you: the one who went to Live 8 in London last night and left behind six and a half pounds of trash. You know who you are, all 205,000 cretinous litterbugs of you. The fuck were you thinking?

Perhaps you were thinking as cleverly as the concert organizers who let the maunderfest run over by more than two hours, finishing after the Underground shut down and stranding 20,000 people in Hyde Park for the night. Where, let me hasten to amplify, they were provided with blankets, water and food courtesy of Westminster Council:
"We implored the organisers, we had a seat at the management table, we strongly implored them to make sure the thing ended at 9.30pm, and it hasn't.

"The upshot is we reckon we are going to be left with around somewhere between 10,000 to 20,000 who have nowhere to go, so our job is basically to make sure that these people are safe and warm and well fed and not thirsty or hungry."
Ah, but is that in fact the job of Westminster Council? No it is not. And given the cause they were ostensibly there for to begin with, is there no whiff of grotesque irony in council funds being lavished to safeguard the wellbeing of 20,000 dozy fuckers who couldn't tear themselves away from those last few dozen rounds of 'Nah, nah nah, nanananah, hey fucking Jude' in time to make the last Tube?

[Thanks to Max for the outragefodder.]

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