Friday, July 08, 2005

I Love The Smell Of Vindication In The Morning

According to a study performed at Imperial College London:

"There is no evidence that making emergency contraception easily available means people will be less responsible about other forms of contraception or use emergency contraception more often."

Also, 'The only thing predicting whether or not women would buy emergency contraception over the counter was income. Women with the highest incomes were over five times as likely to report having obtained their contraception in this way.'

As ever, it's not the well-off who will have trouble terminating their unwanted pregnancies, whether by OTC drugs or by high-quality abortions. The Chelsea Clintons of the world will never be forced to give birth to an unwanted child or face a backalley abortion, whether Roe v. Wade survives the upcoming cataclysm or not. Commitment to protecting the rights of women without such resources is demonstrably, disgracefully lacking in our supposedly 'pro-choice' supposed 'leadership'.

In more civilized (i.e. non-domestic) news, the WHO has placed two abortifacients on its list of essential drugs for developing countries. Thank god someone's got their fucking priorities in order.

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