Sunday, July 17, 2005

How Is This Even Allowed?

I am in complete shock at this freakish piece of 50's-National-Geographic-vintage cultural condescension from the Beeb:
In the past, the only contact the Tiwis had with the tribes across the water was when they took to their canoes and carried out raids to steal women.

These days relations are a bit more genial, but the 2,500 Tiwis are still very different from their mainland cousins.

You sense it as soon as you set foot on the islands.

In a lot of Aboriginal communities there is an air of sullen hostility.

You can hardly blame them - crime, domestic violence, unemployment and poor health are huge problems for many indigenous people.

On the Tiwis, though, people smile as soon as they see you. Kids run alongside, adults wave and there's a real warmth in the welcome.

Part of the reason is that the supply of alcohol is strictly controlled.
Who is this Nick Squires? Who gave him money to go play Great White Hunter among the savages? Who is his fucking editor? Heads should be rolling over this.

Perhaps one of the sullen, alcoholic, wife-beating mainland Aborigines could be persuaded to take to his canoe and intervene.

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