Friday, July 15, 2005

Hello Particle Physicist!

Although you are all undoubtedly taken in by the appearance of sublime indifference on my part, the fact is, like many bloggers, I pay a certain amount of attention to my Site Meter. Which is to say I peruse its reports regularly, with a mixture of fascination and suspicion, and a nontrivial amount of disbelieving glee: you mean someone in Qatar just read some random shite I wrote about boho chic? Unreal.

All this by way of preface to the observation that it seems I have acquired a semi-regular reader from CERN. And may I say, how fucking cool is that? A particle physicist, or someone who consorts with same, reads my blog! I am entranced.

Don't worry, Particle Physicist, I am not monitoring your activities! Don't get skittish and run away. You're among friends, and may go about your me-reading activities unmolested.

My former physics professor, Michael Tuts, recently moved from FermiLab to CERN. He is an utter rock star, blessed with the singular ability both to practice tremendously high-level quantum physics and to lucidly convey extremely basic Newtonian physics to beginners. He is a god. If you happen to run across him in your (high-speed?) journeys around the accelerator
, Particle Physicist, I recommend you get to know him. You can tell him that an admiring former student sends her regards and gratitude.

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