Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Good Morning UnCapitalists!

I am tremendously excited to announce the launch of the new Lefty Place to Be on the Ultrahypernetweb, The UnCapitalist Journal. Packed full of tasty radical goodness, vitamins and minerals, the UnCJ aims to scratch all your progressive-info itches at once. We've got a group blog personned by a crack team of blog-ninjas, a constantly-updated News Wire filled with all the progressive news that ain't fit to print in a capitalist society, reader Forums where we can all hack and slash and flame--er, make that discuss and listen attentively to each other's viewpoints, and of course the ever-popular Carnival of the UnCapitalists.

We've got great things in the works, including some very compelling guest bloggers and special events in the weeks and months ahead, so come early, come often, bring your axes and grind 'em.

The UnCapitalist Journal, folks. Get an analysis. Get several.

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