Monday, July 04, 2005

Errata, Mine and Theirs

Again with the Scottish newspapers and the lying. Why do they lie to us? What did we ever do to them?

First there was the inventy blood-stockpiling story so cleverly sniffed out by Encyclopedia Brown of the Tomb.

Now it appears the Scotsman just made up my story about 20,000 people fed and blanketed in Hyde Park after Live 8. According to the Indy, it turned out to be only, er, 25. But those 25 were fed like kings! By naked houris! And blanketed with cloth woven from the finest gold!

No, ok, I made that up to assuage my disappointment. Nothing worse than working up a good head of outrage over something that turns out to be completely untrue. My apologies for unwittingly causing you to do the same.


However, we can still take a moment to snigger at one of the more preposterous failures of the whole sorry caterwauling affair:
Sail8, in which it was hoped a vast flotilla of yachts loaded with French supporters would sail into Portsmouth yesterday, fizzled out. Only four yachts and a motor boat made the voyage, with not a single French protester on board.
Hoped, was it? Was it really, really hoped?

Here is a classic situation of Should've Asked Me Syndrome. 'BionOc,' they should've said, 'How tenuous is our hope that a vast flotilla's worth of people rich enough to own yachts are going to load up their fancy boats with French people who care about African poverty, and head
en masse for English shores?'

To which I would have replied, 'Not tenuous at all, because "tenuous" implies that such a hope exists in the first place.' And saved everyone so much trouble.

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