Monday, July 11, 2005

Dept. of UnMake-Uppable Chutzpah

Israel, not content with its present standing as World's Largest Recipient of US Aid, has apparently decided to push for Truly Fuckoff Spoiled Rotten status.

It has requested, and been granted 'in principle', the pittance of $2.2bn in additional aid, on top of the $500m already promised, to help fund settler relocation from Gaza. So, a total of $2.7bn (in additional aid) to move 8,500 settlers, or a tidy $317,647 per relocated psychotic fascist.

Let's just juxtapose that, shall we, with the US's generous promise of $350m to help the Palestinians settle in to their new-whoops-I-mean-old homes. Only 1.4m Palestinians in Gaza, so they'll all undoubtedly be keeling over with gratitude for their $250 each.

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