Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bad, Bad Day

Just to say how much my heart is with Londoners today. To have your city attacked is a particular kind of visceral, terrifying offense, and no civilians merit that, not in London, not in New York, not in Fallujah.

Attacks like this are not only barbaric and unjust, they are violently counterproductive: they give government the pretext to impose oppressive measures, as we've seen in the US since the first days after 9/11. Already Blair's cranking up
the rhetoric that will lead swiftly to things like ID cards and immigration crackdowns.

This is a time for both solidarity and vigilance, not so much against 'Turr' as W would have us believe, but against the trampling of our civil liberties by those who claim to protect us. Also against unthinking, hateful backlash that may be visited on innocent Muslims, as it was in the States after 9/11.

Rage and grief are most definitely warranted, but let them be focused on their appropriate targets: both the terrorist monsters who kill civilians with bombs, and the monsters in government who kill civilians with invasion, occupation, exploitation and sanctions. Terror doesn't happen in a vacuum.

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