Thursday, June 23, 2005

Why New York Really Doesn't Count As America

The Republican-led State Senate, following the Democrat-controlled Assembly last January, yesterday approved a bill to make emergency contraception available over the counter without restrictions. Even to teenagers, even without parental consent.

While it's true that New York State Governor Pataki is described as a 'pro-choice Republican', this is more a reflection of what New Yorkers will tolerate than of any particular softening of GOP policy:
Nick Spano relies on the support of the pro-choice community for his margin of victory, and it's clear he needed this bill," said [Democratic Senator Eric] Schneiderman, who sponsored the bill first, but couldn't pass it due to his minority status. "This is an indication that the Republicans will do whatever they have to to try to protect their marginal seat."
New York politics are strange and anomalous. The Dems ballsed up New York City governance so badly for so long, culminating in the apocalyptically inept Dinkins regime, that it seems New Yorkers simply won't tolerate an unencrypted Democrat anymore.

Thus after the seemingly endless, despotic Republican term of Rudy 'You Will Have Quality Of Life, Even If I Have To Kill You' Giuliani, they elected bizarre opportuno-Repub Michael Bloomberg, knowing full well (because he basically said so out loud) that he was really a Democrat who only ran Republican because there was space on the ticket, but seemingly willing to nod and wink and play along to get the 'progressive' social values they require without having to support the rotten useless local Democratic party machine.

Resourceful people, New Yorkers. Hey ho, this is a palpable victory and celebration is in order.

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