Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wait, How Is That Democracy?!

In a completely unexpected failure to suck, the Dems have somehow managed to override their deep, yearning cave-instinct, and have maintained their opposition to a vote on John Bolton's confirmation.

However, it appears this unwonted spine-location may in fact accomplish sweet F.A., as we are informed that Bush 'has the power to appoint his man over the heads of the senators during their recess for the 4 July holiday - an appointment which would last until 2007.'

Hwhaa? Who made that rule? Why didn't anyone ever mention that rule before? If Congress goes on vaca, the President gets to appoint whoever he wants for two years? You can't tell me the Founding Fathers put that in the Constitution. The Hamptons weren't even invented back then!

The Beeb labels this 'a tough political choice':
Would that look like a bold move overcoming petty partisan politics, or the desperate strategy of a lame-duck second-term president?

Mr Bush's advisors must decide.
Decide precisely how much less than two shits they give, that is.

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