Saturday, June 04, 2005

Somebody Besides Me Cares About Pro-Choice Language!

Witness this excellent post at Whatever It Is I'm Against It, on Lakoff and the language of reproductive rights.
[...] Having stripped us of the words choice...and abortion (to which he offers no alternative), [Lakoff] wants to shift the debate to issues he thinks can be better packaged, like “zero tolerance [!] for unwanted pregnancies,” which R[epublican]s are helping to increase the number of by preventing access to contraception and sex ed., and the excessive infant mortality in America, mercury and other toxins in breast milk from right-wing environmental policies. On these issues, he says, the left’s policies are the ones that value life. Which is true, of course, but all those issues are practical, pragmatic ones, but he’s suggesting giving up or severely downplaying support of human rights — the rights of privacy and bodily integrity — in favor of them, which does not seem to me like taking the moral high ground, but ceding it. [...]

Well, quite.

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