Saturday, June 18, 2005

Snakelady To Middle East In Mission Of Epic Effectiveness

Condi's off to tea with Abu Mazen, 'to see if he can provide the security guarantees Israel demands as it withdraws from the Gaza Strip.' Also expected to attend the meeting is Ahmed Qureia from the neck down.

Once she's done clusterfucking with the PA, Her Hissiness 'is also expected to urge Israel to stop constructing more settlements.' You know what's brilliant about that? How incredibly much it's going to work.

When that all collapses in an inferno of conflagratory uselessness, perhaps they should send in Nicholas 'White Christ of Cambodia' Kristof to blubber at them. No wait, they're all men, and even Abu Mazen would probably cost more than $150, despite being the official Miss Cheapest Whore of an International Leader 2005. WCoC wouldn't be into it.

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