Sunday, June 19, 2005

More Bile For Pabs

So there’s the Secretary of Snake in Jerusalem, fresh from her love-in with Arik, promising that the Israelis are going to demolish 1,200 settler homes in Gaza when they pull out. She also ‘said the pull-out would be an "historic" step which could lead to a Palestinian state.’ Such a delightfully noncommittal word, ‘could’. So many things ‘could’ happen, on a sunshiny day in this best of all possible worlds. Leaping off tall buildings could lead to unassisted flight. Usually doesn’t, though.

No word on the success of her death-defyingly bold Initiative of Urging; she probably just doesn't want to spoil the surprise.

Now then, lest anyone persist in being in any way hopeful about this ‘historic’ ‘concession’ on the verklemptifyingly generous part of Ariel ‘Shirt Off His Back’ Sharon—who made sure to snivel that the pullout is ‘a very difficult step for Israel’, poor lambs—do let’s remember that ‘Israel will continue to control Gaza's external borders, coastline and airspace.’ Think ‘giant, filthy, parched, packed cage’.

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