Sunday, June 19, 2005

Er, Darling? That's Not Me You're Kissing, It's NanoMe

Is there anything creepier than ‘claymation’? (Or, as certain people will have tantrums if I don’t hasten to call it, ‘stop-motion animation’?) I had always confidently believed not.

Reader, I was wrong. Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University are developing a system, inspired by, of all the profoundly regrettable things in the world, Wallace & Gromit, whereby people can ‘teleport’ solid 3D replicas of themselves across the internet. Though currently made of ping-pong-ball-sized objects, these replicas will eventually be composed of self-binding, motile ‘nano-dust’, and will replicate the actual person’s movements via a motion-capture suit like that used by Andy ‘Gollum’ Serkis.

According to one of the scientists, ‘"It's very artificial to talk to somebody through a glass wall, which is effectively what you have when you have a screen," he added.

Whereas talking to somebody through a walking, self-organizing nanomatter avatar? Most natural thing in the goddamn world.

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