Sunday, June 12, 2005

Carnival of the Un-Capitalists

Welcome, friends, come on inside where it's cool and dark and creepy, but with a cheerfully radical edge. We have delights aplenty on offer this week, with a certain apparently random emphasis on trade-union politics for your delectation.

Richard at All Spin Zone excoriates the lazy neocon-ventriloquized media and reflects on the grassroots democratic movements that have been growing while 'Latin America has historically been about one blip stronger on the Bush administration's radar screen than Africa.'

Freiheit und Wissen calls attention to the Pakistani telecom workers' strike and what it augurs for developing nations' resistance to the devastating repercussions of accepting strings-attached 'aid' from the IMF and World Bank.

zwichenzug of The Bellman snarks about organizational splits in the US labor movement, and doubts whether rebellions and reconfigurations at the top are likely to remedy the movement's 'failure to challenge the idea that it is right and proper for society to be organized into "top-down, leader-centered groups."'

From the Dark Wraith, intel on the revised US economic growth rate forecast, GM's announced job cuts and operations shift to China, as well as other things to do with international currency exchange and inflation that make me squeak and fidget with economically-induced inadequacy.

In a change from our usual dense, turgid uncapitalist prose, Mad Kane offers whatever is the opposite of an ode (Justin?) on the nomination of Christopher Cox to head the SEC.

Over in the Land of Corn & Soybeans, Doug Smiley wields the scythe against the sellout of membership by union leaders through 'business unionism', and laments the consequent defeats suffered by auto workers across the American industry. That makes two today for union leadership failures (Doug and the Bellman) and two for the GM job cuts (Doug and Dark Wraith). Kids, keep track on your scorecards at home!

On a topic dear to your host's own cephalopodean heart (update: make that one of my three cephalopodean hearts; thx CM), Trickle Down Truth takes a thoughtful look at the Canadian health system and traces its manifest failings not merely to underfunding but also to inattention to social determinants of health like income, housing and social exclusion. Complete with delightful tongue-in-cheek tips for staying healthy, SDOH-style.

Agitprop has a whack at the Gov. Schwarzenegger piƱata, excoriating the latter's spectacularly idiotic and malevolent campaign against those notorious 'special interests', California's nurses, teachers and firefighters.

My own festive contribution is but a short scroll down the page, though unlike testy Lenin I will also provide my readers with all the comforts of a direct link.

And finally, Kevin Carson at Mutualist Blog offers this pleasingly hardcore recommendation on strategies to reverse Labor's long retreat. Bonus points to the person who convincingly explains to me what the hell Free Market Anti-Capitalism might be.

That's all she wrote, dears. Thanks for stopping by. Also note that next week's Carnival looks to be brilliantly interesting. Boldly themed 'Science and Markets', it will be hosted by Guerilla Science. I know I'm going to do my best to come up with something suitably scientific, and I suggest you do the same. Go to the Carnival main page for details.

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