Friday, May 06, 2005

Overtired Guardian Repents, Buries Galloway Story

I was fairly outraged this morning to read, in a Guardian clearly showing the effects of being run long after its editors' bedtimes (proofreading errors up about a million percent, ghost overprint from folding before the ink was dry), the following, under the headline 'Galloway victory blow for Labour':

George Galloway stunned the party which expelled him for his anti-war stance by capturing the safe Labour seat of Bethnal Green and Bow from Oona King, who voted for the invasion of Iraq.

Even before the count was announced, Labour conceded the seat. It appeared that Mr. Galloway had persuaded people who had not voted in the past, mainly young Bengali men, to come out and vote. His party, Respect, is a one-issue party.

The rest of the article is entirely devoted to Tory victories over Labour.

I quote the passage instead of linking to it, because that version of the article has entirely disappeared, both from Guardian Unlimited and from Guardian Digital, which as far as I know is meant to be an exact replica of the paper edition. Both now feature, under the same headline but with another name added to Hugh Muir's byline, a completely different article, which among other things locates the comments about 'young Bengali men' and Respect being a 'one-issue party' in the mouth of a Labour party spokesman.

I wonder who raised the battle cry over this one. Nice when the Guardian for once actually gets called on being a shameless mouthpiece for Labour.

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