Tuesday, May 10, 2005

New York Times Pulls A Hillary

Taking a leaf from the notebook of She Who Must Be Flayed, the Grey Lady has released an internal report concluding that its journalism is too liberal, and that it must mend its commie-pinko ways if it wants to maintain credibility with the American public.

Corrective measures, according to this Dispatch From The Land of Crack-Induced Psychotic Hallucinations, should include 'seek[ing] talented journalists who happen to have military experience, who know rural America first hand, who are at home in different faiths.'

This from the people who brought you Judith Miller's World Record For Administration Bullshit Credulously Swallowed And Regurgitated By A Single Newspaper, not to mention regular lashings of rabid Zionist Arab-baiting zeal that would make a settler blush. Too liberal my lefty ass.

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