Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Like A Cheerleader On Prom Night

Let the record show that today, two highly unusual, nay even unprecedented events take place in the wrinkly, jaded soul of BionOc:

1) I feel a desperate longing to be back in the United States, so that

2) I could be watching C-Span three hours from now. (For my non-Merkin friends, C-Span is a US cable channel that shows continuous Congressional proceedings, all day, every day. And our legislative proceedings are much, much less interesting than yours. Trust me.)

Why the sudden burst of nostalgia for the Land of the Born-Again Culture War? Because today, my friends, is the day Gorgeous George Galloway does a scots reel on the dumbstruck faces of Norm Coleman and his gang of mentally-deficient schoolyard bullies on the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

Oh, you know he's up for it. You know he's been practicing sonorous similes and withering salvoes all the way over the Atlantic. He's already told the journos to 'get a ringside seat'. The US Senate ain't never seen nothing like George Galloway in action. There gon' be blood and teeth on the Senate floor today!

Of particularly serendipitous delight is the timely release of another Senate report, this time finding that 'the US turned a blind eye to the former Iraq regime's $8bn trade in smuggled oil', a trade the scale of which, according to the suddenly-curiously-more-respectful Guardian, 'dwarfs those previously alleged by the Senate committee against UN staff and European politicians like the British MP, George Galloway'. (Guess who the Guardian reports as showing up yesterday in Washington for the hearings? No less than 'the Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow'! How 'bout that?) This is an absolute early birthday prezzie for GG, and I for one am dying to watch him open it.

Oh how, oh how I wish I could be there to watch the glorious carnage in person. Sadly, I shall have to content myself with listening to the live audio stream (9:30 am EDT, 2:30 pm UK), thereby missing at least half the fun. I'm making popcorn anyway.

Update 1:30 pm: Socialist Worker has posted a fantastic exposé of the 'evidence' against Galloway, proving without turning a hair how shoddily and obviously forged it was. It's unbelievable how credulously the mainstream media, even over here, swallow this shite. Disgraceful.

Update 5:15 pm: Well, I've just spent 2-1/2 of the most boring hours of my life watching the committee and panel testimony in this hearing streamed live, followed by half an hour of wild-eyed glee as Galloway ran concentric rings around those Committee buffoons. Their evidence was ludicrous, as he easily demonstrated, with an impressive level of confidence (I just don't think he'd be that bolshy about the categorical denials if there were any doubt). They had nothing solid to hit him with, so they kept trying to hector him with various nebulous implications of guilt by association, and he just refused to let them dictate the agenda. He turned it at every juncture into a withering indictment of US policy and conduct. It was an amazing performance. It's tremendously inspiring to see a gifted orator like that in action; we have precious few such in public life. Hurrah for Gorgeous George!

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